Career Mentor – How They Help Advance a Career

Many people find they are struggling with their current job for a variety of reasons. If this struggle is brought on by a lack of motivation and drive, a career mentor might be the thing for you. If you are not quite sure what this type of mentor is or what they do, they basically are there to help guide your career in a motivating way. They are there to give you unbiased advice regarding your career. The best mentors are people who are in the same field of business as yourself – that way they are able to give better and more educated career advice. Along with being in the same field, you also want a mentor who is more accomplished than you. This way they will be able to give you sound advice as to how to advance your career.

You can use a career mentor both when you have a job and when you are looking for one. When you already have the job, they will be able to help you do what you need to advance and take your career to the next level. Although it might be convenient to ask your manager to be your mentor, you should resist the urge. The two of you typically have different career goals in mind and managers often do not have the time to mentor you. A good choice would be someone higher up in your company, or even someone outside the company but still in the industry. Just make sure you do not seek the help of a direct competitor.

When you use a career mentor to help you find a job, they will be able to help you prepare for interviews, as well as look over your resume. This is different from having a job recruiter. You have to remember that it is not your mentor’s job to find a job for you. They simply are there for when you need advice and need someone to talk to. Make sure that the mentor you choose is someone you respect and whose opinion you respect. There is no point in having a mentor if you are not going to listen to them or take to heart their opinions and advice.

Using a career mentor might be just the thing you need to get your career to the next level. Although you might not have heard of this term before, it is becoming increasingly popular as the stress levels of having a job are increased. Although it helps to respect your mentor, it is not required that he or she is your friend. Having a friend as your mentor might result in biased advice.

A career mentor may be difficult to find at first, but once you have one, they will be an invaluable tool for your business advancement. Most high-level business executives will both be flattered and honored if you ask them to be your mentor. Chances are, they had someone helping them along the way to the top, and will be happy to pass the favor onto someone else!

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